Secondary Principal Search

Jr.-Sr. High School Principal
Commencing 07/01/2019.
The Board seeks a school building leader who is committed to a climate of excellence for the students, parents, and staff of the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District. The primary responsibility of the principal is to administer and supervise instructional programs, in accordance with Board policies and District procedures.  The principal is the educational leader of the school building and is directly responsible to the Superintendent of Schools. 
The ideal candidate will possess:
  • Expertise in collaboration, team building, & shared decision making
  • Exhibit fairness in decision-making
  • Support a caring and supportive school culture
  • Maintain a student-centered focus
  • Innovative thinking 
  • Familiarity with the Effective Teaching model
  • Conversancy in education theory and best practices
  • Effectiveness in technology integration
  • Informed decision-making skills - analyzing student, classroom, school, & district data 
  • Knowledge in best educational practices
  • Possess fiscal management and budgeting skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills (written & verbal)
  • The ability to lead comprehensive professional development
Responsibilities include:
  • Supervises students and staff with fairness and consistency
  • Evaluates personnel effectively in compliance with District's APPR Plan
  • Protects and cares for the school facility and grounds
  • Maintains school records
  • Takes reasonable precautions to safeguard, health, and welfare of the students and staff
  • Oversees emergency drills
  • Is visible and creates a favorable image of the school to the community 
  • Keeps records and prepares reports
  • Maintains an atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Implementation of curriculum
  • Actively engages in staying current in relevant research-based educational practices
  • Updates the Board at regular monthly Board meetings as well as attending any meetings the Board deems necessary.
  • Meets with the Superintendent of Schools regularly and keeps her or him informed of all aspects of the school's operation in a timely manner
  • Ensures the efficient operation of the Secondary Office and  Guidance Office
  • Assumes any and all other duties as assigned by the Superintendent

The principal position is classified as an administrative tenure area.  In accordance with Part 80 of the Commissioners Regulations, the person holding this position shall possess certification in administration, either New York State School Administrator and Supervisor (SAS) or School Building Leader (SBL) certification shall be required.
Qualified applicants must submit
  • Completed application
  • A letter of interest
  • Résumé
  • proof of certification
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • College transcripts
Please contact: Superintendent's Office, Parishville­Hopkinton C.S.D., P.O. Box 187, Parishville, NY 13672 by January 31, 2019.

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