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Jr./Sr. High Principal's Message

Welcome back panther parent/s, guardians, and students.  Our first day of school begins next Tuesday and, though your first day might look a little different depending on your hybrid group, it’s exciting to be bringing students back into the building and starting the new year.  There are some things I want you all to know for the first day of school prior to the weekend.  Many of the new protocols and procedures will be explained to students on their first in person day but it’s important that all students know how to access their classes and resources.

Student Schedules:

Students schedules are available on parent portal at any time.  If you need help accessing your parent portal please contact the guidance office at school.  Students will also be given a paper copy of their schedule on the first in-person day at school.  The sole purpose of the schedule this first semester is to help students figure out what courses they need to sign up for on Google Classroom.  Students will not actually be following a bell schedule and be traveling period to period.  Students will have up to 3 weeks to make adjustments to their schedule if they would like to adjust some of their electives.

Student “Pods”:

Middle School and High school students will be place in “pods” during the school day.  These “pods” are between 6-10 students and will stay together for the duration of the school day.  This will minimize students' risk of exposure to other students.  The “pod” teacher will change throughout the day.  The “pod” teachers will help students access all of their online classes and resources, provide frequent mask breaks throughout the day, help students organize their remote learning opportunities, and teach students the new health and safety building procedures.  Student “pods: will change from week to week.  Students will be told what pod to report to at the beginning of the day when they are screened entering the building.

Student Screenings:

All students will be screened when entering the building each morning.  The student screening involves being scanned with an infrared thermometer.  We will not be recording the temperature at this screening, just ensuring students do not have a temperature when entering the building.  If students are running a temperature they will report to the nurse and the nurse will evaluate the student.  

All students must wear masks at all times when on the school bus and in the school building.

Google Classroom (courses):

This year we will continue to use Google Classroom for our platform to house all of the information for students' courses.  Our primary objective this first week is to get every student signed up for all of their courses.  We will be requiring all students to sign up to the MS/HS Office classroom using the code 45jc7h5.  This classroom will be used to make building announcements, post all of the google classroom codes for every MS and HS course, and will be the tool used to track attendance for both remote and in-person students.  Regardless of whether or not the students are in-person or on remote instruction students need to login to the MS/HS Office and fill out a two question form each day.  This will act as their daily attendance.  If students don’t complete this by 9:00 am they will be considered absent.  

Again, I can’t wait to see everyone on their first in-person school day, and to those students who chose to engage in their learning opportunities remotely, good luck to you as well.  Please don’t hesitate for any parent, guardian, or student to contact the MS/HS office for assistance.  Have a great weekend and stay safe,

Mr. Coffin