Brooke Reid » Ms. Brooke Reid, Elementary Principal/CPSE & CSE Chairperson

Ms. Brooke Reid, Elementary Principal/CPSE & CSE Chairperson

Dear Families,

Welcome to PHCS!

As Elementary Principal and Special Education Chairperson, I would like to welcome you to the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District community! PHCS students, parents and staff are all very proud of our academic programming and strong sense of community. Our mission at PHCS is to instill in all students the knowledge and skills necessary to become caring, conscientious and creative citizens; and we can’t wait to work with your child(ren)!


Our school operates on a four-day cycle with the instruction of special area classes and supplemental services being provided based on this rotation. Gym shoes are required on P.E. days, and in the intermediate grades, students will be expected to change for P.E. class. Physical Education classes are held on an every-other-day basis and you will be notified by teachers of your child’s P.E. and special area class schedule.


As a PHCS student, you can expect your child(ren) to be dismissed at 2:30 p.m. unless a 10th-period assignment has been made. Our 10th period is reserved for special activities and academic intervention services. Please anticipate that services for children demonstrating an academic need in any content area will take place 10th period and that this time is considered part of the regular school day. Students who are reaching grade-level benchmarks and in good academic standing will be dismissed at the end of 9th period (2:30 p.m.). Those who stay for academic services will be dismissed at 3:10 p.m. Both dismissals will offer bussing for students. I ask that parents also keep in mind that teachers will often provide enrichment or homework assistance during 10th period. Permission slips will be sent home if children are to stay after for any 10th-period activities.  


As in the past, all transportation changes during the regular school year must be verified with a written note sent to school from the child’s parent/guardian and must be submitted by 1 o’clock to the Elementary Office. Changes after this are very difficult to accommodate. Please keep in mind that the traffic loop in the front of our building is reserved for buses during drop-off and dismissal times. Please use designated parking spaces if you are picking up your child/children during these busy times so that you do not get blocked in by buses.


The price for breakfast is $1.40. The price for lunch for UPK-8th grade is $2.45. Reduced lunches are 25 cents and milk 50 cents. Funds can be added to your child’s account online by visiting Free and reduced lunch applications are available on our school website as well as in the main offices. Please remember a new application must be completed each year to determine eligibility.


We invite all parents to join our PTO. Please contact our PTO representative, Michelle Murray, at  to find out how you can be more involved in your child’s education.


I encourage you to log-on and follow our school on Facebook at Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District and to utilize our district website Often we will use these sources to keep the community informed and highlight our students’ achievements.


To answer some of the questions you may have regarding our school day, each student is provided with a copy of the Elementary Student Handbook. Keeping this document on hand throughout the year is a good idea. When you receive it, please take a moment to read through and discuss the contents with your child/children. When school begins, I also encourage you to complete our Recess Ticket Agreement as well as review the Notice of Passive Consent for Media Coverage. These are important pieces of information for every parent! As always, we will happily to take calls to address any questions you may regarding these important documents.


Our school is proud to participate in a nation-wide initiative known as the Positivity Project. You will likely hear your student discussing “character strengths” and the important concept that “other people matter”. We are very committed to this project and incorporate this philosophy into our Panther Pride Program. We recognize Very Important Panthers weekly and celebrate strong character at assemblies each month. In addition, there is an instruction classroom emphasis on individual character strengths, the building of positive relationships and the development of social skills.


While certain areas or classes may have unique rules which apply to students, there are four basic expectations in our Elementary at PHCS and one overarching theme. These will be introduced and reinforced throughout the school year.


Listen to the adults around you.

Be kind to one another.

Make safe choices.

Work hard!


# studentgrowththroughownership


Once again, welcome to PHCS and thank you for your positive support of our school. We truly appreciate all our community does for our young learners! 



Ms. Brooke Reid

Elementary Principal

315-265-4642 ext. 2