School Lunches

Concerns Regarding School Lunches 

This week a concerned parent’s Facebook post about Parishville-Hopkinton school lunches went viral. The concerns expressed clearly resonated with students and parents as evidenced by the number of comments and shares. In fairness to the cafeteria, students are allowed one more serving of fruits or vegetables and one additional nugget than appeared in the photograph; however, this doesn’t alter the message that many students and parents are dissatisfied with school lunches.

The Cafeteria Manager and I are creating a group to address the dissatisfaction with school meals. In addition to the Cafeteria Manager and me, this working group will be made up of concerned students (4) and parents (4) along with a representative from the Wellness Committee.  This group will explore ways to make school meals more appetizing while still meeting the strict USDA requirements of the National School Lunch Program. 

If you are interested in being considered to serve on this group, please complete the form found at this link: