GUIDANCE Department

Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District
Guidance Office
12 County Route 47
Parishville, NY 13672
Phone (315) 265-4642, Ext. 24421
Fax (315) 268-1309

Guidance Counselor
Ms. Melissa Scudder

Guidance Office Secretary
Mrs. Amy Murphy

Mz. Scudder with Eeyore

Melissa Scudder

Hi – I have been a School Counselor at PHCS for over 20 years, which has been fun as I graduated from PHCS “long ago!” Before going to PHCS as an adult, I worked for SLL BOCES, first as a Counselor for Alternative Ed students and Adults going back to school, then, at Seaway Tech.

At PHCS, most people call me the Guidance Counselor as I specialize in academic, college, and career counseling. I had an interview from a student years ago, and he asked why I became a Counselor (wow, almost 30 years ago, now) – I said it is because I like to talk to people!  I still feel that way. Students and their families are very special to me, I want to help them and see students succeed and grow.   My office is full of stuffed and painted Eeyore’s – and I love to make all the Eeyores that come in to see me leave with a SMILE! My out-of-school activities include reading, walking in the woods, reading, crafts, and did I say, reading?