College Readiness Information for Juniors and Seniors

Dear Juniors, Seniors, Parents, and Guardians:

Are you receiving a ton of mail from colleges? Do you know when the SAT and/or ACT should be taken? Do you even know what they are? Are you worried about the cost of college? Parents and students alike are dealing with these issues. Juniors are starting to explore their options, and many seniors need some help and direction as they decide what their interests are, where to apply, what to major in, what they want in a roommate, and many other important details.

The PHCS Guidance Office recently hosted an online  presentation to answer questions and to discuss what you may expect during the college search process. Timelines and procedures usually followed during the junior and senior year for students who plan to attend college were also covered and a packet is in their mailboxes for any students who did not attend. 

Information was distributed to mailboxes regularly regarding SATs, ACTs, college open houses & visitations, the application procedure, financial aid, scholarships and student deadlines. I am happy to help with any concerns you may have....encourage your students to check their mailbox regularly and to stop by with any problems or issues.

Please call or email if you have questions.

Mz. Scudder